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The Barn

The Original Barn

Our passion and admiration for old Ontario Barns is now complete! We saved the one pictured here from just south of Kirkfield, it was built in 1885. You frequently see these beautiful structures abandoned and falling apart when you are driving through the Ontario countryside. It wont be too many years before they are gone and replaced with new style structures. It's hard to believe that when these were originally built that each beam, rafter and board had been hand hewn and raised simply with ropes and pulleys. This Barn had been abandoned for many years but the beams inside were structurally  preserved with the exception of just 3 that had rotted out. The project started in 2020 and we finished up in May 2021. We worked with a Menonite family that had the legacy skills to take the Barn down in Kirkfield and then to re-build it here on our Farm. We were able to re-use the beams, the Cedar  rafter logs that support the roof boards and all of the Cedar "Sleeper" logs that act as floor joists used to nail the 2" Hemlock down to. We had all of the roof board and barnboard siding milled and installed a new metal roof. We worked hard to re-build this and are so happy to have this beauty back in service. 

The Original 1885 Barn
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Relocated Barn

We added on a 20x40 "lean" to the East side of the the rebuilt Barn pictured here. We re-purposed Trusses from the Kirkfield location that were being used to support a roof over 8 box stalls. We also collected rocks from all over the property to create a barrier where the siding meets the ground. We use the Barn to store our equipment and have space inside to enjoy with family & friends!  

Relocated Barn
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