What We Have To Offer

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The Flower Stand

Ordering Bouquets
& The Flower Stand

We have a greenhouse garden area that

is filled with our seasonal flowers & foliage

used for our Bouquets & Posies in Mason Jars and for 

 Custom  Flower Orders and The Flower Stand.

The Flower stand is open during the

Leaskdale Loop Days

& when we have an abundance of flowers.

Please follow us on Instagram

for our pop up flower sales. 

Posies and bouquets can be anywhere

from $10 -$20 in Mason Jars.

Wrapped Bouquets can range

from $15 - $30

* Will depend on what is available during the season

Cut Your Own
Flowers Experience

Here at our 

Flower Farm we have a large 

Cut Your Own Flowers Garden

Filled with a variety of flowers

in their own separate garden areas.

The four garden areas are:

Zinnias, Dahlias

Annual and  Perennials

Each area is marked with what is being

grown in that garden.

The gardens are in a greenspace area

overlooking our beautiful views

in a quite farm setting.

You can create your own beautiful

bouquets to take home from mid-July to the

First Hard Frost.


*Please not dahlias are available end of August - beginning

of September and ends at the  first hard frost of the season

Cut your own flowers is a booking time

where you can bring a friend(s)

or come on your own. 

The price will include:

* Up to "an hour and a half" visit

* Supplied clippers to cut the flowers

* Water bucket to hold your flowers

(or a mason jar, your choice)

* Your picked flowers will be wrapped

to take home

 Pricing will be based on

seasonal flowers that are available.

Annuals and perennials $20 per bouquet

Dahlias cost a little more than other

annual & perennial flowers.

Price range is anywhere from

$20 - $30 per bouquet based

on the number of Dahlia stems


*You will need to request a booking time for this event


On the Leaskdale Loop day, no appointment needed

* Please note: Limited space is available based 

on the number of people in the garden

Seasonal Bouquets
The View and Sunsets

River ridge farm flowers

 it is all about the views

If you have not checked out our Gallery as

of yet you really need to. You will soon

discover how absolutely beautiful our

farm really is.

Not only do we have views that just

don't stop, we have been told some parts

of the west view in the summer months reminds people of Tuscany. While in the winter months

it looks like a ski hill.

It is all about ones interpretations. 

Not only to we offer spectacular views and a feeling of serenity while in a farm setting, what you experience here will be captured in your private photo shoots for you to cherish always.


We would like to invite you to

River Ridge Farm Flowers

The View and Sunset